View Your Mind

This page was exported directly from vym . It shows some of the features vym offers to collect and present ideas and data. Editing the content of the page in vym is really easy and intuitive, just grab something with the mouse and move it to another place.

Usually you will work with two windows:

  • Mainwindow shows the map as seen in the image above
  • Noteeditor which is used to edit larger text like this one (and the others) in grey boxes here. The noteeditor always shows the content of the branch selected in the mainwindow.

vym is not another drawing tool, it is a thinking tool. It is also a planning tool. Maybe some kind of database, too. The idea is to use it dynamically, just change the map when your thoughts change. The possibility to export the content e.g. to a website as seen here, was added recently. Another new export filter allows to easily create a presentation in Open Office.

Enjoy vym!

Uwe Drechsel <vym at insilmaril dot de>





From now on (May 2005) new versions will be available on the vym project site at SourceForge. I am going to build binary packages for the latest versions of SuSE Linux and Mac OS X; apart from those there will be of course the sources and the documentation.




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