Features of vym
Easy to useReorder parts of the mapInsertNotesFlagsFlags in 1.8.0User defined flagsImagesPrevieweasy to addeasy to positioncan be included in branch or "float" somewhere elsegoodiescopy heading to URLInsert and move a branchabove selectionbelow selectionpicking colors from a another branchfree positioning of mainbrancheskeyboardprintingFlexibleFileformatXMLeasy export e.g. to HTMLeven possible to edit by hand, if neededexport to directory possiblezipped .vym filesmallall data saved within one fileallows batch processing of vym maps.User can change settings.Position and state of windows.Paths to open pdf documents and webpagesVarious webbrowsers and pdf readers supportedOpen SourceDocumentationQTsome benefits from usingportabletranslationsprintingTrolltech homepageback to vym

This map is still work in progress, it just shows a few ideas on vym.